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Inside the Music: Take it From Me

Paula Writes:

This song is by a group called The Weepies. Their music is kind of folk-inspired, and is known for it’s beautiful imagery.

I couldn’t find an actual video for this song, but I did find a fan video that meshes this song with scenes from “Lost”. (Joe and I are big Lost fans, btw.) Normally I would just go without the video for this post, but the song is so beautiful, I like to play it any chance I get.

What can I compare you to, a favorite pair of shoes?
Maybe my bright red boots if they had wings
Funny how we animate colorful objects saved
Funny how it’s hard to take a love with no sting.

But come on take it, come on take it, take it from me
But come on take it, come on take it, take it from me (we`ve got a good life).

What can I compare you to, a window the sun shines through?
Maybe the silver moon, a smile rising
The magic of the fading day, satellites on parade
A toast to the plans we’ve made to live like kings.

I lose my breath despite the air
When the rain falls down I give in to despair
Pink magnolia in winter she doesn’t care
if you don’t show up to have another cup.

What can I compare you to, when everything looks like you?
I get a bit confused with every Spring
Flowers that bloom your eyes, hummingbirds side by side
My heart won’t stay entirely in this rib caging

A sweet story about this song:

One night we were eating dinner outside and talking about music, and I told him about this song making me want to dance with him. Joe excused himself and a couple of minutes later I hear the opening notes of this song come drifting out the window. Joe came back outside and took my hand and we danced to this song by candle light and twinkly party lights. It was beautiful.

Is it any wonder I want to marry this man?


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