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Arch support; invitation to italicize

Joe writes:

Dang, Paula’s heds are so much better than mine.

So, we got this arch thing. It’s white, 8 feet high and has a blanket of lights to cover it. We got some ivy for it today. This is our main piece of decoration, and it should look pretty neat in the bookstore. We snagged it from Michael’s back in February for $20. Score!

One problem: The darn thing is flimsy. Hmm… $20…

Seriously. It’s like wet spaghetti. How did bolted metal get so flexible and loose? I’m worried I’m going to break it. I think the plan will be to leave the possibly hazardous mosquito net o’ white lights to the side, disassemble it and reinstall it over there. Did I mention it’s 8 feet high? I’m not sure it will fit in my truck bed, with a bunch of metal chairs.

In other wedding news, we printed out invites to the ceremony tonight. Woot! Snagged those from a half-price sale at Hobby Lobby. Using freeware fonts, we laid them out with a quote from Dante on love. You should see it. Also, I was able to talk Paula into using an italicized serif instead of a script font for the body of the invite. I heart her. Anyway, they are getting mailed soon.

Also, we got my ring today. It’s titanium, thick and very manly. I think if I’m ever in an experimental underwater drilling platform, and it floods, and the automatic doors start closing, this ring can keep the door open until Catfish can cut the hose. I would definitely stick my hand in blue toilet water for this ring. It’s sweet.


Space Case

Paula Writes:

From the time we settled on the bookstore for our wedding, I have been nervous about whether there would be enough space. My fears were somewhat realized this weekend when Joe and I sat down this weekend to work on the invitation list. Actually, Joe sat. I kind of perched, then hovered nervously. I think there might have been some hand wringing also.

The area in the bookstore where we will have the ceremony will only hold 40 people comfortably and 50 to 60 if we pack them in, standing room only. At last count our invitation list was at 60 and growing. This could pose a problem.

The calm and rational part of my brain knows that at least some of the people we invite will be unable to attend and that we should be fine on space. The bridezilla part of my brain is wailing “Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!” like Tessie from “Annie”.

Maybe we could could get married in shifts. First shift gets to see Duncan walk me down the aisle, second shift gets to hear the vows, and third shift gets to witness the big smooch at the end. Or we could have three showings like a theater. A wedding at 3:00, 3:40 and 4:20. Then we could sell popcorn for about $8 to finance the wedding.

With three small groups instead of one larger one, everyone will be more comfortable, and we ensure a more intimate setting.

And we also don’t have to rent more chairs…

I am a genius!!!

Like…People in the Wedding and Stuff

Paula Writes:

Our wedding party is pretty small, which is good, because our venue is also small.

Here’s the line-up:



Best Man-Mitchell

Rocker Chick of Honor (because matron sounds old)-Ann

Ring Bearer/Give away the bride-Duncan

So just imagine us all in a bookstore wearing fancy clothes and that will be the wedding in a nutshell. Oh…and at least one of us will be crying.


Paula Writes:

I am feeling a bit of angst about the wedding today. I have the perfect fiancee, so I want the wedding to be perfect as well. I have been cutting so many corners to keep costs down that I am starting to worry about how everything will turn out. I want our wedding to be extraordinary and memorable, not just for us but also for our friends and family. Joe deserves the best of everything, and I don’t want our wedding to fall short.

Nothin’ Says Lovin’ Like Raw Fish

Paula Writes:

Today Joe bought me a piece of wind-up sushi. I knew I did the right thing by agreeing to marry him.

Here is a video that more adequately expresses the true awesomeness of wind-up sushi.

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