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Whodat Honeymoon

Paula Writes:

One decision down, a million more to go.

Joe and I have decided to take our honeymoon in New Orleans so that we can see the Saints play at the Superdome. That means putting off the trip until next football season, but we are ok with that.

I have also always wanted to go to New Orleans for Halloween. Lots of creepy fun to be had. Maybe if we are lucky the Saints will play at home near the holiday.

I guess that would make it a Haunted Whodat Honeymoon.


Addressing the Dress

Paula Writes:

I am a procrastinator. I admit it. But with the wedding a mere 7 months away, I decided not to wait until the last minute to find a dress.

I had done a bit of browsing online, but a few weeks ago I decided to get brave and venture out to a bridal shop. I won’t mention the name specifically, but I will give you a hint. It starts with D and ends in avid’s. I was not impressed. Actually, I was horrified. It was enough to send me scuttling back home to the computer and the comfort of Ebay.

True to their word, the shop does offer hundreds of wedding gowns. Hundreds of mass produced, nearly identical wedding gowns at thousands of dollars each.

It really made me see red (tough to do in that blinding sea of white) that the bridal industry takes such advantage of people by playing on the notion that nothing is too good, or too expensive, for the big day. I love Joe very much. But I love him enough not to put us into serious debt paying for our wedding.

Elopement is starting to look really good right about now. I am thinking something classy like The Tunnel of Love drive-thru wedding chapel. Although with the price of gas on an upward swing, idling at the wedding window for 10 minutes could cost as much as a designer wedding dress. And I bet a seatbelt is hell on taffeta.

Maybe we should just go with an Elvis wedding. A Priscilla Presley wig must cost less than the Valentino wedding gown that I thought was kind of pretty, right? (Just so you know, I wasn’t looking for designer gowns. I just happened to come across a picture online, noticed it was a Valentino, let out a little yelp and closed the window quick-like.)



Well, I haven’t given up hope yet. I am sure the right dress at the right price will present itself. I have faith. Until then here are some wedding dresses I have taken a fancy to. Maybe some of you will have some ideas on where to shop for the perfect dress.


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