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Oh, my NoLa…


Joe writes:

Oh, Lord, what have I done? I got the love of my life hooked on the New Orleans Saints. And they are 0-3! Ack!

Part of what made last season so spectacular was that I got to share a mad obsession with the one closest to my heart. I have been a Saints fan since I was a kid, and I was thrilled
that Paula:

  • Watched football with me.
  • Asked questions about the game (good questions, too… not, “Why can’t the quarterback play defense?” kind of questions).
  • Became a Saints fan and cheered with me.

But getting her hooked on the Saints was false advertising. Before 2006, the Saints had won one playoff game and been to seven in the last 39 years. They have a reputation as lovable losers. So what the heck was I thinking, getting her to root for the Saints? I might as well gotten her addicted to listening to The Cure’s “Disintegration” every day… at least she’d feel better than she would watching Drew Brees throw four interceptions.

We’re both pretty depressed about Deuce McAllister being out for the season. But she looks really hot in the Brees away jersey I bought her. She looks so good that I think the jersey was more for me than for her. At least I know Paula is fully acquainted with the “worse” part of “for better or worse.”

Paula Writes:

Truthfully, Joe’s dedication to the Saints is one of the things I love most about him. It makes him really easy to buy gifts for.

But seriously…

I admire the passion with which he pursues the majority of his interests, not just the Saints. When Joe takes an interest in something, it is rarely just a passing fancy. He throws himself into things wholeheartedly, and I would like to think that he approaches our relationship the same way.

As he said himself, Joe has been a fan of the Saints since he was a kid. For the better part of those years the Saints have been a losing team, yet Joe still stands behind them. To me, that bespeaks a great deal of loyalty. As a person who is about to get married, I have to say that loyalty is not a bad quality to have in one’s fiancee.

For my part, I have become a fan in my own right. I have always been the type of person to root for the underdog, and I think the Saints are the ultimate underdog. Even when they lose, the Saints have some definite characters on their team that are a joy to watch. And just when you least expect it they can really do some spectacular things. I have enjoyed watching the Saints and learning about football with Joe, who is the most patient of teachers. So far, I have yet to hear the words “shut up woman, can’t you see I’m watching the game?”

So don’t feel too bad for me. I don’t think I am ready for a bag just yet.

By the way… why can’t the quarterback play defense? :oP


Location, Location, Location

Paula writes:

Joe and I went out this weekend and found a great little bookstore which may turn out to be the perfect location for our wedding. It is a little unorthodox, which is what we wanted, and something about getting married surrounded by all those stacks of books just really appeals to me.

The bookstore is sort of small, but I hope we can make it work. I am very excited by the idea. However, in case it doesn’t work out, we could use some alternate suggestions on where we might get married.

Musical Miscellany

Were it not for music, we might in these days say, the Beautiful is dead. ~Benjamin Disraeli

Paula writes:

Recently I borrowed a mix CD from a coworker, that contained the song “From This Moment On” by Shania Twain. And for one brief moment I thought it would be a great song for our wedding. (Remember honey, I was treated recently for a possible head injury.)

This errant thought was brought on by memories of a wedding I attended during which this song was performed. As the singer was belting out the lyrics, I looked at the groom and saw him mouthing the words to his bride. I knew at that moment why people cry at weddings. It was very romantic.

Don’t get me wrong, the song is beautiful. And moving. Lyrics that speak of love and faithfulness make it a perfect wedding song. But it has also been overdone. That and the fact that Joe hates country music make it not so perfect for us.

That got me thinking about what songs would be perfect for our wedding. I think the music is one area where our wedding will really shine.

There are a couple of songs I know I would like to use either in the ceremony or the reception.

I think I want to walk down the aisle to “Always With You Always With Me” by Joe Satriani. It is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. It also helps that Joe is a HUGE Joe Satriani fan.

The first song we dance to as husband and wife at our reception will most likely be “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol. It’s our song. Yes…we are disgustingly in love enough to have a song.

Some of the other songs I am thinking of for the reception are “Take it from Me” by The Weepies, “I Walk Beside You” by Dream Theater, and “Feels Like Home” by Chantal Kreviazuk. I plan on dancing with my new husband a LOT.

I am sure Joe will have more to add to the list. And I know some of them will be unconventional. He is a master at thinking outside the box.

I would love to have some suggestions for good wedding music. So post ’em if you got ’em.

Once we compile our list we will go through and find the ones that mean the most to us and we plan on making CDs with those songs to give away as wedding favors.

Joe writes:

OOoo! We gotta have DMB’s Stay! And Island in the Sun! And the theme from Firefly!

What about Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad?

::sound of Paula punching Joe::

Paula writes:

Don’t be silly, I would never hit you. I would just wait until you weren’t looking and fill your mayonnaise jar with Miracle Whip.

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